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Lazer India Air Coolers Range

Summer is beginning, so the air cooler season. Everyone wants an effective cooling solution for their space. That’s why the demand for the best air coolers is increasing.

Air coolers include effective cooling, a large water tank, a powerful motor, and robust construction. People prefer air coolers along with these functionalities at affordable prices.

We have the best solution for all your home appliance needs. It is Lazer India electric home appliances. We offer all types of coolers with advanced technology and superior functionality. We have a diverse selection range. Lazer Air coolers are ready to cool your space and make it comfortable.

In this blog, we will learn more about the Lazer India Air Coolers Range and its advanced functions.

Desert Air Cooler 

Air Cooler Lazer India

Lazer Air cooler range includes various types of coolers. The Desert Air cooler is one of them. It is ideal for the dry summer regions of India. Desert air coolers give cool air in the scorching heat and high-temperature areas.

Desert air coolers come in several types. It includes Alpine Neo, Glacier Neo, Atlantic, Hybrid X, Nimbus, Chiller, and Frost Neo. All these coolers are different and feature advanced technology.

Here are some common features shared by Lazer Desert Air coolers.

  • They provide air circulation because of powerful aerodynamic air delivery.
  • The cool air circulates everywhere because of the auto-louver movement.
  • They have a cellulosic honeycomb cooling media for efficient cooling.
  • The power-packed sturdy motor with inverter compatibility.
  • They offer noiseless cooling everywhere because of their multi-directional castor wheels.

Window air cooler 

Air Cooler Lazer India

Window Air Cooler is one of the best types of Lazer Coolers. It has a unique design that gives it the look of a window air conditioner. It sends away heat waves and gives your space cooling comfort.

The window cooler can be installed indoors as well as outdoors because of its compact design. The window cooler range includes Ice Neo and Iceberg window air coolers. They have a large water capacity and powerful aerodynamic air delivery.

Let’s know more about its functionality and advanced features.

  • Lazer Window Coolers have powerful aerodynamic air delivery.
  • The auto-louver movement is available with noiseless cooling.
  • Power-packed sturdy fan motor and inverter compatibility.
  • Cellulose honeycomb cooling media for cooling efficiency.
  • Multi-directional castor wheel for easy movement. 

Personal air cooler 

Air Cooler Lazer India

Lazer Air Cooler introduces the Personal Air Cooler range. It offers compact and efficient cooling solutions for individual spaces. The Personal Air Coolers are your ultimate summer companion.

Lazer Coolers are designed to provide relief from scorching heat waves. Lazer Personal Air Coolers include Arctic Neo 14, Arctic Neo 12, and Tango air coolers.

Now rising temperatures will not change your cooling comfort. There are some common features of Personal Air Coolers, which are below:

  • It provides powerful aerodynamic air delivery and noiseless cooling.
  • It has a power-packed sturdy fan motor and inverter compatibility.
  • Cellulose honeycomb cooling media for efficient cooling.
  • The cooler features auto louver movement.
  • It is easy to move because of its multi-directional castor wheels.

Industrial air cooler 

Air Cooler Lazer India

We bring a large cooling solution for your professional spaces. Lazer India presents Industrial Air Coolers. They are well known for their heavy-duty performance and efficient operations.

Industrial air coolers offer cooling even in soaring temperatures. Industrial air coolers are best suited to warehouses, factories, and expansive industrial spaces.

The range includes Mega Storm 22, Wind Storm 20, Desert Storm, Thunder Storm, and Hail Storm. Let’s know more about their advanced features and functionalities.

  • Powerful air thrust because of the powerful motor and robust construction.
  • It has thicker cellulose honeycomb media than an ordinary air cooler.
  • Large water tank capacity for extended cooling.
  • It has a wide blade with an aerodynamic profile for powerful air delivery.
  • Large cooling pads and a 3-speed controller for efficient operation.

Experience efficient performance and cooling comfort with our Lazer Air Coolers. We offer supreme functionality with high durability. Bring Lazer Coolers for large-extent cooling and impressive air flow capacity.

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