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The Best Personal Air Cooler Range In India

Lazer India electrical home appliances

Lazer India is one of the leading brands in the electrical home appliances industry. We offer a blend of quality and innovation in our ranges. It emphasizes the durability of our appliances. Due to this, we have gained the trust of millions of consumers since 1983. 

We manufacture easy-to-use products. It helps to simplify living. Our diverse range of products provides the solution for all your home appliance needs. 

Lazer India provides electrical home appliance ranges. Now, the summer season has begun. We introduced our air cooler range with supreme performance. Let’s learn about the Air Cooler range of Lazer India. Majorly focus on the Personal Air Cooler range. 

The Best Air Cooler Range 

The best air cooler range in Lazer India is the personal air coolers range. Our air coolers have advanced functionality. We design air coolers with advanced technology and the best quality material. They give exceptional performance as per location and weather conditions. 

Personal Air cooler range

Lazer India introduces a personal air cooler range. Besides being a cooling provider, it features advanced technology. The personal air cooler features: 

  • It gives powerful aerodynamic air delivery.
  • The Cellulose honeycomb cooling media provides more cooling efficiency.
  • The air cooler has a power-packed and sturdy fan motor.
  • It has a Multi-directional caster wheel.
  • The air cooler provides Auto-louver vertical movement.
  • It has an Inverter Compatibility to give energy efficiency.

The range of the Lazer Personal Air Cooler gives various options. These air coolers have characteristic features to cool your space. A personal air cooler is your personalized cooling solution. It is well known for its portability and affordability. 

The personal air cooler is compact. When the traditional cooling method fails, Personal air coolers come into play. The Range of Personal Air Coolers includes:

1. Arctic Neo 14 Personal Air cooler

Personal Air cooler
  • Water tank of 45 liters of capacity
  • Large cooling pads for more efficiency 
  • 14″ Aerodynamically profiled balanced blade
  • Noiseless Cooling 

2. Arctic Neo 12 Personal Air cooler

Personal Air cooler
  • Water tank of 35 liters of capacity 
  • Large cooling pads for more efficiency 
  • Large ice chamber
  • Noiseless cooling 

3.Tango Personal Air cooler

  • Water tank of 25 liters capacity 
  • Low power consumption
  • Water level indicator 
  • Noiseless cooling 

We also offer a wide range of other cooling options. All these air coolers have their different characteristics under different conditions. The conditions include humidity, climate, space, and location of implantation. 

The other air cooler ranges are below:

1. Desert Air cooler range

Personal Air cooler - Desert Coolers

Desert air coolers are also known as evaporative coolers. They are best suited for hot and dry climates like desert regions. 

Several options are available in the Desert air coolers range. Select the best-suited air cooler and get an efficient cooling solution for summer.  

2. Window Air cooler range

Personal Air cooler - Window Cooler Lazer India

Window air coolers fit at the window for efficient cooling. These coolers are easy to install. They draw outside air and provide cool air inside your space. 

Additionally, It takes less space than an ordinary one because of its compact size. Thus, the demand for window air coolers is increasing nowadays.

3. Industrial Air cooler range

Personal Air cooler - Industrial Air Coolers

Industrial air coolers meet large-scale cooling needs. They are the ultimate solution to cool the commercial environment. 

Industrial air coolers have high cooling capacity and heavy-duty construction. They have powerful motors and large cooling pads for rugged performance. 

So, Say goodbye to the heat waves and yes to cooling with our air coolers.

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